XenoCal Software Download from Atlas Website

Linsengericht / July 1, 2005 - The different XenoCal Irradiance and Temperature Calibration devices are the most widely used, independent calibration sources for weathering instruments. The XenoCal irradiance and calibration device measures and stores irradiance and radiant exposure during light- and weather-fastness tests. It can also be used to calibrate and adjust the measuring sensor, which is integrated in the test instrument. The XenoCal Temperature device measures and stores black or white standard temperature. Special adapters are available to fit the sensors on the sample rack in Atlas instruments.

XenoSoft, a special software to evaluate and analyze the measured values, allows for graphical display with enhanced analytical capabilities. Users of the XenoSoft software can now download the current software for free by visiting www.atlas-mts.com/xenosoft. This service went into effect July 1, 2005.

Atlas plans to expand this software download section in the future. Please check our website frequently for future programs and updates. For more information regarding XenoCal Software, please contact your local sales representative or visit us at www.atlas-mts.com